36 Days Left!!!!!!!!

  1. That's class and clinical days. Graduation is December 11. It's LPN school so I still have a long way ahead of me....but let me tell ya I have worked HARD for this I started last fall and made it till March...Life was out of control and I was burning out so I stepped out..now I'm back in....1st semester made A's...the other day I (finally) made an 88 - highest all semester and thought that was the greatest thing in the world...Sometimes it seems like the harder I work, the worse I do and when I let up I'm fine
    I dunno Anyway, I'm probably just stalling because I have to finish my clinic journal and a pathophysiology sheet before I can go to sleep. Hospital clinical tomorrow so I'll be up at O dark 30.

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  3. by   MRed94

    You'll be fine!

    Good to hear that things are better for you.

    We are here if you need us.