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I originally started out in college as a nursing major. My parents convinced me to switch so I did. Now I am going to be applying to a couple entry level Nurse Practioner programs in my area. ... Read More

  1. by   Bonnie2000
    Hi Beth:

    I applaud you for calling a spade a spade. We as nurses, must stick together!!! Divided we are conquered, together we will survive, strive, and have a fruitful quality of life. Let us rally to nurture and imbrace one another and enjoy, encourage one another, and learn from each others mistakes and triumphs.

    Now... for the matter of NP... I too am considering this decision. Personally, I am just now (finally) graduating from the University with my BSN. I am completing a RN to BSN program. After 9 years of almost straight schooling, I felt I simply wanted to take a year off or so to regroup and saver my latest triumph and figure out what graduate program I want to choose. I am seriously considering the NP program. I too want to test the market and fiugure out... does that real job appeal to me?

    It sounds like you already have your BSN and the grade requirements for the NP masters program. I know ther requirements change from state to state. You have probably already checked with your local university to discuss program differences. I know that the role of NP varies from state to state on autonomy and precriptive authority. Her in New Mexico we do have prescriptive authority and require that you work in the field of your choice as an RN for two years.

    Having been a working RN myself for 3 years, I am more confused then ever as to what I want to pursue for a graduate degree. It is an exciting time to be a nurse in todays market. Here and elsewhere the nursing shortage has allowed me to try and pursue interesting areas of nursing. I encourage you to dable and BE BRAVE, continue keeping abreast of the latest technology in your field of work, and continue to embrace your fellow workers (love them for who they are and pray for them to strengthen to become who they are not).

    In peace,