Your Guide to the new BLS/ACLS

  1. Here it is everybody, the news we have all been waiting for. American Heart is getting ready to change everything we do.

    There have been little leaks about what changes can be expected. I got this mail from American Heart outlining all the changes that are to be expected and I thought I would share. Not certain that this has been posted here, if it is a repeat I am sorry.
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  3. by   eandgsma
    Great! And I just got my recert yesterday! We talked about the changes but since they aren't official yet, we were still taught the "old" way. Oh well, I hope my card will be good for the next two years! I didn't see anywhere when these new guidelines will be in place and by when we need to recert. Do you know?

    Thanks for the link!
  4. by   sharann
    Sometimes I really wonder if they make these changes just so we have to buy the newest edition of the book. Some places require the recent book as a ticket in the door. I am all for evidence based practices but c;mon, they change things way too often.It's confusing and most of the time they teach that CPR is performed incorrectly in the majority of cases(but then they say its better than nothing).
    ACLS drugs are different of course.
    Is Bretylium back?