You know you're an MDS Coordinator when....

  1. * you can get some work done and still enjoy a good meal

    * you search for innovative ways to get tomato and mustard
    stains off of paper

    *you begin to view anything that is not MDS/PPS related as an interruption, including the evening and night staff who say, "Are you still here?"

    * your day off is spent doing what you do on your days on

    * you ae terrified to take a vacation

    * your definition of a "good read" is something downloaded from HCFA(CMS)

    * you know more about reimbursement that the company accountant

    * you feel the last thing you really do is "coordinate"

    * the piles of paper on the floor are higher than the piles of paper on your desk

    * no one on the planet knows for sure what you do, including yourself

    * you believe that there must be a special place in heaven for MDS coordinators

    * you believe that there must be another "special place" for surveyors

    * you hear your kids refer to a headache as "J3d"

    I know there are others out there like me.
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