Writing the brass & beaucrats

  1. Howdy! I am new to this site and really find it extremely informative and also a way to de-stress. :-)

    I have written to my Congressman & also to Congresswoman Lois Capps regarding the Nurse Reinvestment Act...and my thoughts in general (increasing our pay, better benefits, better working condition etc...). I haven't heard any feedback..other than an automated response...basically saying that these matters are being looked into.

    My question to all of you wise & informative nurses...who else can I write to? I have even written to Tom Brokaw...still nothing from him. I was thinking of writing to David Letterman & the women on "The View"....I was thinking they may stir something up...and just maybe be of some help. Someone mentioned the Teamsters Union on one of their posts....maybe I will give them a try as well for advise. Just curious. Also...has there been a Million Nurse Walk..such as the Million man walk that was held in D.C.?

    Thanks so much!
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