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  1. It seems that there are a many people who have had some bad expereinces whilst nursing abroad. I posted this in the travel nursing section but I would prefer to post it here to see if anyone else has had similar experiences to me.

    It was very different for me. I spent six months in Melbourne, Australia working in A+E and then 6 months in New Zealand. It was without a doubt the best 12 months of my career. The work was very different - in Australia, nurses are given more freedom to do what their clinical instinct tells them and also there is less scrapping between doctors and nurses. I would wholeheartedly reccommend working in Australia or NZ to any nurses who have thought about it but have been afraid to go there.

    I went through an agency that organised my visa, registration, flight and accommodation. It is possible to go it alone but the agency charges nothing and sorts out all the paperwork for you.
    International Medical Recruitment was the one I went through

    Hope this inspires others to travel and find adventure

    Kind regards

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  3. by   zacarias

    Thanks for the info on Australian and New Zealander nursing. It sounds really interesting and I will check out that website.
  4. by   Bonnie wee lass
    Thanks Tim

    I'm hoping to go to New Zealand in August. I'm in the early stages of planning and would love to chat to you. I will email you

    Ann (Bonnie wee lass)