Working for insurance co.

  1. Looking for new job prospects. Any one out there ever worked for insurance co.'s. How did you like it.
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  3. by   kimmie518
    I worked in a call center prior to nursing school. Other than a call center rep. being a horrible job, the company I worked for wasn't that bad. They were more strict about management than the medical field- call in's, late's, holidays, and really noone else would help out/switch with you if you needed it. If you did something even small wrong, they would write you up or have a corrective action meeting (pretty much the same thing).

    The nurses worked in medical management. They would authorize certain procedures, go through cases to see if hospital stay-lengths were acceptable, etc. They didn't get paid all that much. I believe they started at $35k and they wouldn't count hospital experience to boost up your salary.

    Of course you don't get as much time off compared to a hospital setting, but working for a health insurance company usually gives FANTASTIC benefits. Free health and life insurance- dental was only $9.80 a paycheck.

    It's not that bad if you're sick of hands on patient care.