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  1. I was just remembering something that happened at our facility some years back. I hope it is helpful to someone.

    An agency nurse came to us on 11-7, brand new to the facility, although lots of years as a nurse. She asked the staff RN for help deciphering a particular med order. The Kardex was a fright, this was before MARS, the original order had been thinned out of the chart (long term care facility) and was not available. The staff RN told her she was too busy to help her. She did not want to call the doc late at night and there were only these 2 nurses in the building.

    She did what she thought was right but got a call at home several hours later and was asked what she had or hadn't given that patient. Turns out, she'd missed a dose of something vital. Thank God, no harm to patient.

    She was so distraught, called us back crying and crying, felt horrible, angry at getting no help, grateful pt not harmed, frustrated at being blamed solely, as far as she knew. Was made a "Do Not Send" at the facility and lost her job at the agency over it, or was so led to believe. Quit working for them, at any rate.

    As a staff nurse there on Days, I could totally see her point of view and was so aggravated that the staff RN couldn't take 2 minutes to help her. To this day, I don't know why she didn't help her. What do you all think? Has this ever happened to you, either side of it?
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