Working a non-nursing job while getting BSN

  1. Hi All,

    I am currently working a non-nursing job full-time while getting my ASN. My question is... Can I continue working at my current job (non-nursing) while I then continue to get my BSN? Or should I get a nursing job asap after completing my ASN and then get my BSN while working as a nurse?

    Has anyone ever tried getting their BSN while working a non-nursing job? How was it after you got your BSN? Did you feel you were a bit behind others that decided to start a nursing job after their ASN and while going for their BSN?

    Any info will be great. Thanks!
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  3. by   moto2822
    Firstly, congrats on getting in your nursing program. I would encourage you to focus on completing your associates, completing your bsn will be so much more relaxed because, once you take your boards at the associate level, you don't have that anxiety and fear of graduating within a specific time and taking boards at the end. Personally, I completed my ADN and worked as an Rn during my BSN classes. I will also be able to practice in school what you see and do at work. I enjoyed it. Hope this helps some!
  4. by   peds4now
    Do you LOVE your non-nursing job and it pays really well? Maybe your current job is low stress and flexible? Then I could see staying with it.

    But, where I am working some RNs with just 1-1.5 years in the workforce are becoming charge nurses already! After one year you are considered a bona fide nurse for hiring purposes, and may have earned a certification in something too. You learn so much in that first year, you would definitely be more qualified having worked it as a nurse-but I'm sure you would have no trouble getting a job with a BSN and no previous nursing work experience.

    Life isn't a race, you just have to decide when you want to start your nursing career.