Work place mobbing (an NA perspective) - page 2

I can't believe it happened to me. My first night of oreintation on the floor. Little comments under the breath but making sure I overheard. "I can't talk right now she right here." The person... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    You have nothing to lose! Turn your feelings and emotions into reality and sound off. It's the hesitating thats the hardest part because once you hesitate, these kooks will drain you, for their own amusement. These folks don't get enough real drama on TV, so they hafta create it in reality.
    Think of yourself as laying in bed, at 78 years old. Now, surprise!, your here. Someone crosses you, or messes with you, your not gonna want to be laying in bed at 78 remembering what you didn't do. You see what I'm saying? Dance, like no one is watching. let them know about your feelings, because Rhona's feelings count a great deal.
    It's a shame, but there are all kinds of goons and wigged out jokers in the deck sometimes. Your a wild card too, remember that. It's like riding a bike. Riding the ward. Once you get up and petal, your okay. It's not easy, I know, for some of us who are loving by default, to hafta put on a war face. But think of it as showing them love by not allowing them to remove your love. Figure it out. Be brave! Help yourself out by showing yourself how much you care. Do not turn tail and run (on yourself). You got nothing to lose, so why don't you give a **** about yourself? You know what I mean. Life is a dance you learn by doing, so take the lead, and dance like no one is watching....all over these mean folks who couldn't fill your shoes? Have compasion for them, by hitting them with everything you got, right up front. you have nothing to lose. Show'em what you got. They wanna see. Show'em :-) And best of luck with the fortitude!!!