Work not fight, Love not hate

  1. Okay correct me if I am wrong?? The medical profession is suppose to be about caring and helping sick people, right? Then why is the caring only there? What about the people who do the caring? Are they not worthy of caring and respect in the work place? I have been reading some of the horror stories about Doctors', Nurses' with ranks, new blood nurses..and frankly it sounds a bit like High School. People with such a responsibilty to human life, can't even treat each other with human decency?? I would think with all of the education pulled together there could be a work place standard on niceness to one another.
    Doctors to Nurses....
    Nurses with ranks to New Blood...
    Co-worker to co-worker...

    Be kind Life is a journey, only for a short while...why can't we all just get along?? :kiss God Bless
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  3. by   woo 2
    while i would agree that some people are nasty to new comers i would like to think that most of us are more professional then that, i have taken my share of grief from docs and somedays i let it slide because i think they are p[robably having a bad day also, some have apologized to me, but if they get really out of line, i tell them and a lot of the time the offending person didn't realize how they sounded, instead of stewing about something communicate with your co-workers and things will be better
  4. by   Jenny P
    The thing is that many people bark or bite under stress, IMHO. Healthcare (especially at the bedside) is very stressful these days, but I don't see that it as becoming a more vicious workplace than it used to be. There are disfunctional, bitter, and nasty people everywhere, not just in healthcare. I believe that the best thing that one can do is try not to spread the nastiness and fight it by spreading good cheer or whatever.

    I will admit to being snippy to a co-worker this AM after battling with a confused pt. all night-- I had no patience left and was too tired to be as organized aas I should have been for report. When the nurse following me started to click through the different computer screens ahead of me, I sniped at him. However, we have worked together for 15+ years, and he knows that that wasn't my usual style, so he let it pass and explained that he'd had the pt. before; whereas I hadn't and was trying to give him more hx than he needed.