Work loads

  1. I am certainly hearing all of you.
    Yes, we do a lot of turning, cleaning, counseling, and whatever might come. But, what if it were you or one of your loved ones?
    I have been there with my own child, my mother, and my nephew. What about you? It is totally different when it is one of your own. Just think about your mother or your father, your sister or your brother, or even your nephew who has a brain tumor at the age of 14 that cannot be reveresed. Just think about the irreversible possibilities. That is where God prevails and people survive or succomb. God bless America and all of our Children.!!!!!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    I think that most of the complaining isn't that nurses don't think that patients deserve the best of treatment. The complaining is because the nurses are expected to take care of six or more extremely sick patients and provide them with services that it would probably take 3 people to do adequately. The complaining is because nurses want each patient to receive the best care, and it is frustrating to not be able to give that care because of too little help.
  4. by   susanmary
    Jaydenc, nurses care about their patients and we want to give the best possible care. The common threads of this bulletin board (and others) are the frustrations we feel and the support we receive. Of course we emphathize with our patients -- we are patient ADVOCATES. We bring home our days, far too often -- hence burnout.

    Full patient loads with extremely high acuity, staffing issues and higher patient/nursing ratios -- I could go on and on. Many of us have been on the other side, so please don't assume we don't know what that is like. My husband has had two large surgeries in the past several months. My teenage son has had spinal surgery -- I could go on and on. I saw how the nurses ran -- I've been there/done that. So I stayed to help my family members because I know with staffing that I could help them when the nurses were with other patients. It's about wanting the best for our patients. Nurses see the "big picture" -- we want it to be the best possible -- but we are human and can only do the best with what we've got.

  5. by   altomga
    I went into nursing b/c I do care! The problem lies in that we can not do everything we WANT TO DO in the time we are there. All the extra "paperwork" that keeps getting added on, extra responsiblities, additions to your job description, and yes..SHORT STAFFING!!
    We are but one person taking care of X number of patients. In my case it is 1-4 it doesn't sound like a lot, but the intermediate unit I work on is considered an ICU...that is even how the docs, other nurses, etc, describe it. We may have one patient that is on the vent, multiple drips, CTD, restraints, q1h labs, etc...Okay, now add the other which may also be on the vent, a DT patient on a drip/restraints, DKA pt with q2h labs, a GIB that keeps vomiting or crapping the bed which is then full of blood and must be changed. Shoot, I barely have time to pass meds and chart and assess my patients let alone try to add on the TLC that I would love to do also....
    Let us not forget those families that are there b/c they love this person soooooooo much!!
    They have asked me to drug the pt b/c they were bothering them and couldn't sleep.........TELL ME to go get THEM food and drinks........go into other pt's rooms to tell you the "mama" passed gas or needs me to pass them their water...BIG **** deal...can't you see I'm trying to take care of someone else too??
    I empathize with families.....I've had family members in the hospital too and been a patient....but I have never hindered them from caring for other patients or got in their way. If my family member is in the hospital I help TAKE CARE OF THEM and do as much as I can...I don't sit there on my A** and call them to give my "mama" her water or move her arm, etc.....and it's not b/c I am a's b/c I love my family member and would rather do anything I am capable of doing...

    I really wish I DID!!