Wondering, Number of Nurses Currently on Strike

  1. Does anyone know of a central website that keeps track of how many hospitals, and healthcare facilities are on strike.

    When Minnesota nurse strike June 1st, I think it should make a big media event. But then there probably is that many already on strike across the nation if you count them up.

    It would be interesting to know and possibly join effort to make it more media worthy.

    I know Brockton in Mass. is out.
    I know Youngstown in Ohio is out.

    Anyone know of others?
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    CNA has a pretty good website that tells you what's going on across the country regarding bargaining and pending strikes. CNA just negotiated a contract for nurses at Bakersfield Memorial here in California which includes a ban on mandatory overtime, increase weekend pay, and up to 30% wage hikes. Also, much activity going on with Catholic Healthcare West. CNA represents 7,500 nurses from 22 CHW facilities. Lots of negotiating going on--something to keep your eye on. Thanks for all the great postings PeggyOhio!! Keep it coming!!