Will I be a LVN halfway through my RN??

  1. Im taking an ADN program at a community college and will be working throughout the program. I was wondering if I would be a Licenced Vocational Nurse somewhere before I finish the program???
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    It depends on how the program is structured. To sit for the LPN (or LVN) exam, the program you've attended has to have met certain standards. Some ADN programs are designed this way; the one I attended was. After the first 3 semesters of nursing school, you could sit for the LPN exam (which was recommended as a means of gaining experience in taking state boards and, God forbid, in the event something happened while you were completing your degree and were unable to finish). Many other programs, however, are NOT designed this way. Check with your nursing school office.
  4. by   OneChattyNurse
    I went to nusring school at a community college in Texas. There, the LVN and RN programs were two seperate entities. Once you completed the LVN program, you had to apply and be accepted to the RN program. I agree with Zee...you need to check with your specific program!

    Good luck to you!!!