Why I am becoming a Nurse

  1. I'm not doing this for the money, or because I need a job, its because I want to and the fact that the patient sees the Nurse more then the MD. I say this to every nurse (who reasonably engages me in a discussion about nursing) if I wanted to make money, I would go into business. For all those people who complain (mostly the new grads about my age) if you went into Nursing for the Money and then complain about this and that, then you should have done some more research into what it entails! If the burnout was that bad, then we would have an extremely high shortage. I did my research, read books, talked to nurses (and watched nurses at the Hospital I work at during the week), looking at this board, thinking.

    This is why I am starting off at CNA, then LPN, then RN/BSN, Plus I have a Pharmacy Tech Background so I am learning a lot about drugs.

    IMHO (at this time) I think its the Insurance companies and the DRG system that is screwing hospitals. If the Insurance company went food shopping they would want 50% off of the Price of the Item. This problem itself will probably never be fixed. Also Nursing as whole needs to step up to the plate and start showing their stuff. A lot of this has to do with the Public's Media portrayal of Nurses. Bedside is where the Nurses are needed.

    One of my big questions is this: Have any Nurses successfully formed a Practice Group (I don't mean Home care either) Similar to the Groups of Doctors that form say an ER Practice Group and sell their MD services back to the hospital?
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