Why did you become a nurse - page 2

As you look around, and see the familiar faces of your fellow nurses today, look past the image that you see everyday, look past any conflicts that you may have, and think about what defining moment... Read More

  1. by   tris
    Some wondeful touching stories, I too have almost always wanted to be a nurse---started out as an aide and just kept going, it has been a great ride, have always worked in the hospitals until my recent move to the DFW area and now I am working in a program that helps the developmentally delayed stay in their own homes! Haven't been at it long enough to have much of an opinion, but will never regret the decision I made to become a nurse, and it also gave me the strength I needed to care for my Dad for 3 years and know both sides of the spectrum. Like everything in life there are good and bad times!!
    Sorry it got a little long