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  1. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by rhona1
    I would rather put two years of my education into something that will transfer someday. I will be proud to earn my ADN .
    WELL SAID! I will be even prouder when I pass the NCLEX though! Prouder still when I get my BSN... then my masters, and if I don't drop dead of old age first, my PhD.

    But, one step at a time. It is most important to TAKE that first step though! And I think THAT is what this thread was about-- whether a Diploma program or an ADN program would be a better program.
  2. by   BBnurse34
    Hmmmm, If all nurse had to have a BSN, what kind of nursing shortage would there be now?

    I feel that there is room for both ADNs and BSNs.
    BTW I am neither rich nor too lazy to continue with school. I am curently upgrading my ADN to a BSN mostly because work is paying for it. Don't think for a minute that getting new letters behind my name will make me a better bedside nurse. It does, however, open new doors and possibilities.
  3. by   monkijr
    Both are nurses, neither is better, unless they chose to be.
  4. by   DelGR
    That's the best reply yet URSULA!!