Where to find PRO-Act ( PART ) training ?

  1. Hello,

    I am new to AllNurses, and have a question. I am a [banana]psych nurse[/banana]
    and I am attempting to
    renew my Pro-Act training :redlight:, but am in between jobs and am looking
    for a place to renew. It is a two day course, and is always
    sponsored by your place of employment. Pro-Act used to be called
    PART training up until three years ago. Company headquarters of Pro-Act is based in Southern California.

    The main office of Pro-Act only teaches the Pro-Act instructor
    certification:studyowl:. Does anyone know of any way I can be a "guest"
    at a healthcare institutions Pro-Act class?:redlight: I have signed up
    to work for a nursing registry, and they are trying to look for
    a "mother ship" as well to allow me to take it at a healthcare
    instituion also. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I cannnot work as a psych nurse without renewing my ProAct
    training every two years, and it is time to do that now. Thanks,:uhoh21:
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