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  1. by   Charlie3200
    oh and thanks ERnurse those sites look really nice too...ill have to look around...i'd have to say overall i had a pleasant first posting experience.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. by   brianpribis
    Originally posted by Charlie3200

    well 93% of nurses are women (or something like that)...so thats only 7% of the market i guess if they had a men's section.
    Yea, I know. But still, you hear all this harp about needing to get more men into the field (not just because they are men but because they are a market that needs to be tapped) and then you see that really the advertising is geared towards women. I need to get some uniforms and am finding it hard to do so. I found in the past that some manufacturers' idea of 'unisex' was really 'made for a woman but men can wear them if they want' and the fit was really kinda funky (the pants mostly). Anyone (male) use a particular brand of scrubs they would suggest? What about shoes? I have seen male shoes but I am not sure what brand would be the best for the long haul. Any suggestions would be great.

  3. by   jacolaur
    I use "Cotton Scrubs & Co" , the scrubs are soft, comfy, and wear well. Shoes..also can be purchased from this company..Merrils..kind of pricey but to me shoes are the most important item they need to be comfortable and I need to get a whole lotta miles out of them

    ...I took out the web site I originally posted ....for some reason something else kept popping up when I clicked on it, it was an annoying website..sorry if anyone else tried it..the correct website is .....cottonscrubs.com I am not doing this as a link because I am obviously doing something wrong!

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  4. by   NMAguiar
    Just my two cents.
    I've found that allheart.com is like a flea market (poor quality stuff for low prices).
    I dunno. I've ordered several items from AllHeart lately, and the service was great, the prices were great. Since all their products are highly recognizable name-brand stuff, how can the quality be poor?

    They don't carry good cargo scrubs for men though. Too bad.
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