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  1. I had posted previously about problems i was having at work. I came to the conclusion that I am just not a med/surg nurse. Not my cup of tea. I love psych - worked as a psychiatric evaluator for nearly 5 years. That said - I resigned my position on a med/surg floor as I was offered a acute care psych nurse position in the facility where I used to work. The position was offered at part time 4 days a week (with Full time benefits) with a salary of about $36k on day shift (this includes a 5000 bonus paid over two years). This requires me to move 150 miles back to that town. Alright, I was ready to do this, to begin on Feb 5. I liked the company before and had an exceptional work record with them.

    Now I also recieved an offer in town from a State psych facility in NY for a full time evening position at about $39k for first six months then will increase to about $43k. This comes with all the state benefits and state retirement system. Also, I won't have to move. I recently resigned from a state run hospital med/surg unit, and have mixed feelings about how the state runs things.

    The shift doesn't matter to me. The hourly pay comes out to about the same after the six month mark (but I obviously make more working full time). I have friends and family in both places. My fiancee has a decent job where we are, but has interviewed and has good prospects of a job that is just as decent. I hate the other town but love the employer. I love this town but I am uncertain about the employer.

    I guess it comes down to working for a company I know and like while facing all the turmoil of moving (or even maintaining two residences if my fiancee does not get hired right away). On the other hand I accept the local position in a place I really know little if anything about, but face much less hassle in relocating.

    I am really concerned because I have been an RN for 7 months and have worked in two different hospitals (all which I have left on good terms). I started med/surg float, left because I thought a permanent floor would be more to my liking, which it wasn't. I was looking for something that fit and really came to the conclusion I was born to do psych. If I fail to hold on to a position for a decent length of time it is going to look really bad and reflect that I just don't cut it as a nurse. I feel I could put in some real solid time at the facility out of town (but I can't be certain since I've never been a nurse there). I might be able to here as well, but I'm less sure of that.

    I know I ultimately need to come to my own conclusion, but was hoping for words of advice perhaps from someone who has faced a similiar dilemma or even just advice on what I should be focusing on as my head is a jumble with possibilities (it was so much easier before I was a nurse and didn't have so many opportunities )

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  3. by   lupin
    If I were you I would find someone who works at the psych place near where you live now and do a little research. They may offer such a great package because they have really high turnover. Check out what their ratios are and how much unlicensed help there is too.
    If you decide to go for the place you worked at before, then try to find a place to live that isn't in the town that you hate but close enough to wokr for you.
    And don't knock the oppurtunities that nursing offers you. Not many jobs can do that.
    GOod Luck to you!
  4. by   MALE*RN*777
    Unlike a state job who's pay is based on grades and levels with no give and take, you may be able to slide into the closer more friendlier company, show your stuff then ask for more money. Also, you may pick up hours or they may have someone full time leave. You have to be happy where you are or you will regret it and start making mistakes. Plus you and I already seem to understand how the state works. These patients are the ones no one else will take. Just my opinion. Good Luck...