What path should i take?

  1. Im a new grad nurse here in the Phil. and im having a dilemma wheter to take the boards here or try my chances at nclex and work abroad. i considered skipping the local boards here due to the competition and lack of work available.
    i also don't have yet any work experience with me. will it hinder me from landing a job in the US.? or they are going to train you there if they hire you already.? I feel ashamed to work in the US without any work experience but if they can give it to me thats a plus.! thanks in advance for those who will reply more power to this site.!
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  3. by   LEN-RN
    The job market is getting tough for nurses in many areas of the US. If you are asking if you should come here, I would do some research first as to see what the demand is in any area.(Your thinking of) As to experience, I don't know if boards of nursing take that in to consideration when accepting applicants from nursing schools outside of the country. Again, I recommend contacting some and see what their policies are. Good luck
  4. by   LEN-RN
    As to places hiring you with no experience AND being from another country, - I think if it were just one or the other you would have a better chance. Enough new grads from local schools to choose from. Experience would give you an advantage.