what kind of degree

  1. Ok i'm going to sound so dunb asking this but there are just so many diffrent degree names that i'm not sure which one is need or the best to have for nursing so if someone knows the amswer please share it with me. thank
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  3. by   leogoat
    I am just starting out my BS Nursing program this fall, but have done a lot of research on Nursing degrees. The Associate degree and Bachelor degrees will pay the most. They both prepare you for the SAME RN license obtained by passing the NCLEX exam. However, it seems that the BS degree prepares one more for management and may not have as much clinical !!! The Associate Degrees are easier to find and a LOT Cheaper to get, but in the long-term will probably open more doors. The other advantage to an Associate Degree, is that many schools offer RN to MSN degrees in about 3 years! You enter as an RN with an Associate Degree and leave a MSN degree.
    THE LVN and CNA seem to be good ground-level experience but wil never pay as much or provide the extensive opportunities of higher degrees.