What I have learned from Nurses

  1. I am a pre nursing studnet bogged down with the thoughts of choosing a nursing school. Concerns include whether or not I can afford it and the most important thing, will I have to repeat any classes fo I have been going parttime for a long time.

    I have expressed this and asked questions of nurses, both LVN and RN, who are already in the field. They all say the same thing; "school is nothing like the real work world." That always puzzles me because through out Nursing Foundations, our teacher stressed "Critical Thinking" skills are the most important skills you have, yet if seasoned nurses are stating otherwise, who are we pre-nursing students to believe. I have decided that maybe these should be the answers that we pre-nusring students should hear:
    • Nursing is both sad and rewarding
    • Patients can be difficult, especially those with long term diagnoises
    • Expect the unexpected
    • Make sure to go into a specialty that you love and have passion
    • Do not expect mircles, just accept them when they present themselves
    • You cannot heal every one... every day
    • Be compassionate to patients even when they are not to you
    • Take care of yourself
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  3. by   Tolos
    May I add that you will work with great personalities and some very obnoxious ones. Yes, critical thinking is a MUST!! make it a lifestyle even now pre-nursing. But you will love to practise your skills and get bored if you don't. In nursing you will live a life of FUnnnnnnnnnnn.