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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I am a female but the most thing that really affected me most was when I was witnessing a circumsition.....Oh my goodness when the Dr took that sharp scapel and cut that skin I fell to the floor they called a code blue and the staff thought it was for the baby so the crash cart was for an infant then when they saw it was my big butt they were like OH MY GOODNESS....I was alright I had just passed out.... I was also grossed out when I had to insert a foley in a female client and she had genital warts and they were very large and long I screamed because I thought something had crawled out of her vagina and was trying to get on me....I did not get any report that the genital warts were there beforehand.....
  2. by   mjamesRN
    I refuse to believe the post of the psyche patient who popped out his own eyeballs and ate them. No WAY!!!!! Someone that far gone should've been in four-point restraints.....just....No Way.

    When I was a student, I once saw a basketball-sized infected sacral decub, stage IV -- that didn't bother me, I was too scared at the time. It was the TOES! Cheesy, nursing home toes. The smell followed me home. In the car, in my house. When I opened my books the smell was there, it was everywhere.


    I assisted at a bedside repinning of guy in skeletal traction after being hit by a bus. The pin was BENT on both sides from the weight of the traction -- and the docs HAD to remove it. They gave him Versed, Dilaudid, but he had some tolerance and wasn't quite sedated. Imagine the drill spinning that thing while it was in the bone -- .
  3. by   McCoyRN
    where i used to work, all the nurses threw money in a container and the one who did the dressing change would get it. here's why...
    a mid 50's man w/ a h/o uncontrolled diabetes, necrotic foot ulcers, smelly and gangrenous went to his doctor for an unrelated problem. the dr told him that his tests were positive for colon cancer. being upset, the man went out binge drinking that night, got home, passed out and didn't wake up until about 38 hours later (he missed a whole day!) anyway, when he woke up, he realized that his dog had eaten off some of his toes. so he was in the hospital, pre-op for an amputation. i never got the money in the container. i still gag just thinking about it
  4. by   Goofball
    Originally posted by DGfuturenurse
    The post from Chucky reminded me of one...Years ago when I was a CNA, we admitted a little old lady who had fallen several days prior to anyone finding her and she had a fractured hip and she also had maggots in her vagina!!YIKES Felt so sorry for her,too.
    Ok so, DGfuturenurse, and Chucky, and everyone else who said they had pts. with maggots in their vaginas, seriously, how did these pts. get those maggots in their vaginas? Were they real maggots, real live crawling ones? I mean, don't maggots come from flys crawling all over something, and then the flies lay eggs which turn into maggots? Wouldn't those women have to have been just lying around without underwear on, to have flies laying eggs there in their privates? This is all just beyond my comprehension. I have never experienced the horror of which you speak, except once when I went trout fishing, we came upon a dead deer whose gut was alive with maggots.
  5. by   jpetro
    Hi everybody! My name is John and I'm new to this site. I am a student nurse and have worked in Detox, Behavioral Health, and Emergency for the last 8 years. What freaks me out? I have been bled on, puked on, had feces thrown at me, urinated on (eeewwww), spit on, but the number one thing for me is lung balls!!! There was a pt on my psych unit who had a tracheotomy which he never took care of and never kept covered. He would yell at us and all this yellow lung ball would come flying out!!!
    AAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! It was all I could do to keep my dinner down! My hat's off to Respiratory Therapists!
  6. by   ICUBecky
    any kind of "centesis", lumbar punctures, epidurals... just watching a large needle being jammed into a body part, and watching the fluid poor out, absolutely makes me sick. i've almost blacked out a couple of times...

    starting foleys on women who don't have good peri-care....bleeeek. how hard is it to wash down there???
  7. by   mjamesRN
    The maggot thing is not so unbelievable. Flies lay eggs very quickly (no labor involved) and consequently the eggs thrive in an acidic environment per se where putrefaction begins with garbage/ rotting food stuffs, not that anyone's vagina should be considered such a place, but....

    We had a frequent flyer, a homeless diabetic who just couldn't kick the bottle. He had a leg ulcer that just wouldn't heal. (Diabetics just SHOULDN'T drink alcohol.) The last time he was brought in (by the cops off the street), under his never-changed dressing were over 300 maggots. He was admitted directly to the floor and with the seasoned courage of one our senior LPNs, the maggots were extracted from his wound -- the floor was covered with them.

    He spent a month or so in bleach-water hydrotherapy before his discharge. A few months later we heard he finally died on the streets, his FIVE adult children nowhere to be found.

    Gee, why bother going to the movies??
  8. by   Goofball
    I didn't mean that maggots weren't believable, in easily accessible body parts. I just couldn't
    understand how someone's privates could be heavily infested, especially since the area is usually covered with clothing; also wiped several times a day (as in urinating, etc.) so I was just wondering how flies got in there, and then how were the eggs able to stick around so well and turn into maggots.
  9. by   jayna
    Can stand fluid, but maggots! Yikes, gives me the creeps. Once iwas working in the outpatient cojoining the ER. There was an old man brought who was living byhimself, relatives brought him to the hospitals, and poor man was soo damn smelly, so bad your brain gonna explode. Well, he has NIDDM with ulceration of the leg, and has a wound on his inner thigh. Poor me, changed his clothes and saw the wound full of maggots and even maggots falling of his scrotch.......god that was one hell of my nursing career's experience. ALSo the poor man was a bit confused and even eaten feaces while in the hospital(different ward though).
    Maggot no way near me , crawly, wriggly thing yuck yuck
  10. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I actually had a patient who had a irish potatoe stuck in his intestines you could see it just looking at his abdomen area and he smelled horrible.......Please dont ask me how did he get a whole irish potatoe in his intestines without swallowing it.....lol...I also at this same hospital happen to see some Xrays of gerbals, and toothpaste pumps stuck in the rear of men. That really brought pain sensations to my rear end to imagine how the patient felt with these objects up thier rears. I have seen some things in my career as a nurse but that just floored me......
  11. by   jpetro
    Well Exotic you certainly beat mine. The only thing I have seen was the x-ray of a vibrator stuck a little too far up a mans rectum. Interesting film. Gerbils huh? Wow! Too trippy!
  12. by   misti_z
    I too have seen the xrays.....OMG!!!

    Last week we admitted a 837 pound male!
    It was nasty, he had weeping cellulitis. He stunk, stunk, stunk! We ordered an 'oversized' bed before he got to the floor, when he arrived we all looked at each other....horrified! It took 7 security guards and 3 men from environmental services to tranfer him onto the bed, but he didn't fit! We ended up ordering a second oversized bed and wiring the two together! He was terribly big. It took 3 of us holding up his belly and 4 (2 on each side) holding back his thighs so we could find his penis to put a foley in!!!!!! Glad no ones grip slipped or the person putting the foley in would be lost forever! Later that night he coded!!!!!!! Respiratory arrest, got him intubated, and headed to the unit. And then like Caro's story we too got stuck in the elevator! After about 30 minutes we got him to the unit. 6 days later he is still in the unit, we are keeping all of our large room full until he is out of the hospital.

  13. by   Goofball
    To exotic nurse:
    Toothpaste pumps??!!!! Toothpaste pumps stuck up
    someone's rear???!!!!! Now THAT'S unique!!