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  1. by   clee1
    Quote from baseline
    Wow. I would have kicked his butt from here to next week. I can't believe any nurse would tolerate that.

    I just can't believe some people!

    If anyone other than a confused patient assaults me, that person is going to lose some teeth, a patella, and if the assaultor is male - he won't feel like using his... equipment... for awhile.

    Jesus said to turn the other cheek.... but I'm not Jesus.
  2. by   Medic/Nurse
    What is the #1 thing(s) I hate about nursing? Simple. LACK OF RESPECT. ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR. LACK OF CONTROL. There are days that I think "If one more person gets up in my stuff, I'm surely not going to be able to stand it." Patients. The family and guests of the patients. Other HCP's at times. I know that I can NOT do this another 20 years!

    Most organizations allow their patients or "customers" to treat the staff any way they want. The customer is always right! Customer service above all else! We love our customers! Make the customer happy! And by customer, I mean the patient, their family (some of whom they have not seen in years and find this visit/stay an excellent time for a reunion) their friends and neighbors. I want to say without exception, that to care for a truly sick patient is an honor. The satisfaction of healing is why I keep going another day.
    When did it get acceptable to be demanding and demeaning to nurses. (I think the customer service model of patient care started it). I still get a bit shocked at some of the demands of patients. I've had a few that just look me square in the eye and tell me "If you want to keep your job, you better ______. " Amazing. I've also found that there are "serial abusers" of the healthcare system (patients/families) and yep these are the 10% that you have to spend 50% of your time on.
    I do not think it would be unreasonable or unprofessional to have standards of Patient/Visitor conduct.

    As to the issue of workplace abuse/violence (not committed by a patient!)
    Zero Tolerance!
    I have not been in any organization that did not have a policy for dealing with "Harrassment" or "Violence in the Workplace".

    There may have been a time that "bad behavior" was tolerated. It seems that acting out, verbal abuse and physical acts were a bit more common in the years past. "Well that DOCTOR/MANAGER/DIRECTOR is just like that..." No more. So if I as a nurse acted that way, I'd full well expect to be FIRED. Now, if you (as a nurse) allow these behaviors - you are as guilty as the offender. You must report and insist on CORRECTIVE ACTION without delay.

    Screaming, cursing, slanderous tantrums, chart tossing, equipment/instrument throwing, foot stomping and physical contact is just wrong. It is also dangerous and ILLEGAL in some cases. It is ACTIONABLE as a civil tort in some instances as well.

    My personal standard of practice toward others is professional without compromise. I will not allow others to treat me in a lesser manner. And should a co-worker ever hit me, may God be with them. I would file criminal charges so fast it would make me dizzy. The world is a different place, you just never know ....