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An elderly lady was admitted to our M/S a few days ago with chest pain R/O MI. Yesterday, her family was having a Christmas party that she really wanted to attend. The doc was not ready to... Read More

  1. by   willie2001
    Workinurse; yes patient's are customers, as are the physicians, nurses, visitors, etc. At least that is suppose to be the policy at my hospital. Everyone is a customer. Everyone is to be treated with dignity and respect. I think it showed a real lack of respect to this patient's nurse to have her license to potentially put in jeopardy It really makes me angrier the more I think about it and it did'nt even happen to me, but to one of my co-workers who is a relatively new nurse. I guess I had better cool off before those stress hormones start to get me!
  2. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I agree with the previous posters. I particularly agree with the point that if the patient was well enough to leave the premises to go to a party, she should have been discharged. She could have been admitted to home health if she needed follow-up. What do you think hoolahan? The failure to have her sign and her family cosign some type of release form should warrant a great deal of concern. I too would have to at the very least document an occurence or incident report. Fiesty, if you're reading, what's your opinion?