What do new nurses need from experienced nurse preceptors?

  1. I have enjoyed reading the thread regarding what experienced nurses like to see in new grad nurses. So, here's the flip-side of the coin! I know there are alot of new nurses (like myself) on this forum. What do you or did you find you needed from your nurse preceptors?

    I'll begin by saying . . .preceptors . . .pleeeze start with the basics . . .namely assessment. Remember, we are fresh out of school and ADPIE is fresh in our heads (the nursing formula of assessment, diagnosis, plan, intervention, evaluation). Now, I had great preceptors in my orientation, but basically they just went with the flow and said I would learn as we go. I never really was given good instruction in assessing a neuro ICU patient. I found myself unsure about filling out the assessment flow sheet, and ended up taking it home and looking up terms and reading about assessment techniques. How do you determine if a patient's motor strength is 5/5, 4/5, 3/5?? What does somnolent mean? What about heart sounds/lung sounds?

    I remember the first patient I had on the floor with a preceptor. He had a serious brain bleed, with hydrocephalus, on a ventriculostomy with ICP heading toward 30. The first thing I learned how to do was draw up and push mannitol. I learned as I went, about hanging dilantin, caring for a ventric, drawing blood cultures, doing hourly neuro checks, but basic assessment seemed to get lost in the shuffle. This happened alot (on a busy ICU) so there's no one to blame. It's just one of those things I think preceptors need to spend some time on with their orientees.
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    i am a preceptor where i work. the first thing to remember is that to not take this short lived opportunity and take advantage of the expirences you will have. lately, i have expirenced new grads to have a attitude which shouts "sense of entitlement" we as nurses are learning and teaching eachother and out pts on a daily basis. please come with an open mind, take constructive criticism appropriately and be respectful of your co-workers. now, your preceptor should also be respectful of you and embrace you too. good luck with your new job and welcome to nursing! it'll be a fun ride!