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  1. I work on a cardiac step down unit. We have post heart cath patients, pre-heart cath patients, CHF, Angina and post MI. Recently we have also been getting alot of non cardiac pts due to the fact that our hospital is at its capacity. I have only been working on this floor for about 3 months and I still have much to learn. I worked in surgery straight after graduation for two and a half years before I transferred to do patient care. The problem is that 3 nurses from my shift have found jobs elsewhere. The other nurses who also have alot of experience are talking about leaving also. Soon, I will be the nurse with the most experience and that scares me to death. There are alot of things that I do not know. I am learning and ask questions everytime I work and read many articles. I do not believe under any circumstances that I am ready to train or be in charge of our unit. NOt that I have been asked to. LIke I said though soon it could be me, a nurse that just graduated, and an agency nurse. I do not feel comfortable putting my license on the line like that. I have considered transferring to another floor. I really wanted to go into Women's Health and labor and delivery when I graduated. I just have not gotten there yet. What do you think? This is making me feel very uncomfortable about the safety of my patients as well as my license. HElp :confused
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  3. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Jessica..your concerns are valid ones. The first person who needs to know them is your manager and the sooner the better. If you can get your manager's ear, what will you say to her/him that gets the attention that you deserve?