What did nursing school do to you? - page 6

Did it drive you crazy? What types of feelings did you have? Today was the last clinical day of the semester, and I have so many different emotions. I'm scared, anxious, worried, somewhat... Read More

  1. by   mim-o
    well, lets see.

    1. increased both intensity and frequency of migraines-and put me thru a trial run of new meds for this-imitrex is a gift from God.
    2. turned me into an EVIL, EVIL, EVIL human being for a couple of years give or take a few weeks out of the year(school breaks)
    3. Made me fill like the worst mother in the world!!!
    4. Made me lose a few years time and gain more than a few pounds.
    BUT ALSO...............
    5. give me a much needed boost in self confidence
    6. made me proud of myself for my accomplishment upon completion
    7. help set good study skills for my kids-since we studied together alot
    8. Made me realize just how awesome God is when going thru A&P and biology, Chemistry-and how blessed I am to be able to rely on him always
    9. and give me the chance of fullfilling a lifelong dream
    LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!