What are the Typical Shifts in Your Part of the Country? - page 2

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  1. by   palesarah
    full time on my unit is 3 12's (7-7). We have to take occasional call shifts, usually no more than 2 four hour slots per 6 week schedule, oftentimes no call at all.
    We have several nurses who work part-time doing 3 or 4 8-hour shifts (7-3, 3-11 or 11-7) a week.

    I know one nearby hospital does their 12-hour shifts 6-6, otherwise 7-7 is pretty standard around here.
  2. by   susan18
    In Raleigh its mostly 12 hr shifts, 7 to 7, 3 one week, and 3 with an 8 the 2nd week. We have Baylor contract positions in some hospitals and float pool 8 and 12 hr shifts.
    I went into correctional nursing to get solid 8 hr shifts, which I could only find if I went into office practice forever, or worked long term care. The state employees have to work every 3rd weekend only. The 8 hr shifts are 0645-1515, 1445-1115, and 1045-0715 so that the shifts overlap during report. I love the 8 hr shifts...I do them even as a nurse educator, but no weekend duty, only call q 8th weekend by phone.