what are nurses rights while on the job?/Petition

  1. Patients have rights during their hospital stay. What about nurses rights?
    I am currently employed and while on the job I am continually being verbally abused by a patient. This patient is also threatening myself and my peers---nurses and aides.
    We have done everything to make his stay comfortable and stress free. He continually makes derogatory statements to everyone he comes into contact with. Most of us are emotionally stressed out from his actions and verbal threats. Many of us are even afraid to enter the facility while he continues to reside there. This patient is allowed to have Loa's,use cell phone and own vehicle, and roam the facility without informing staff.
    Would like to know what Nurses Rights are.
    If nurses have no rights then I would like to start a petition to protect all nurses while on the job.
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  3. by   Sunshine55
    Torimarie - sorry to hear you and your co-workers are having such a difficult time of it. Have you tried a Psych consult? In my past experience we were required each year to take an 8 hour class called SCIP (strategies for crisis intervention prevention) which dealt with your issue. We learned to ignore the negative, reward the positive. We used a process called gradient control which started with verbal calming. I actually enjoyed these challenging individuals. We dealt with verbal abuse, biting, kicking, hair pulling, regurgitating (it would be thrown at you), public masturbation, etc. Of course, if the individual continued to escalate despite following all the guidelines, we were able to use a two-person take down until the resident was calm. If Psych can't help, I suggest - continuing with the necessary procedures your patient needs, don't give him any eye contact, remain oblivious to his verbal abuse as if he is talking to someone behind you. If he becomes physically assaultive - remove yourself from the situation and call Security. Do not take his behavior personally. I saw a co-worker slap an individual once because of repeated verbal abuse. (Yes, I reported it) Hope this helps.