Went back to my old FT position as agency!

  1. And it was great! I know that I could never be in that environment FT again but it is so great to go back on my terms and great pay;-) I really enjoyed seeing everyone, the clients, the staff. And I actually felt like a regular nurse(I did assessments and treatments) see I have a homecare case that I have been on the fence about since I have had it, but i think I found my niche in that position but there, I really do not do much nursing stuff. So I was really happy to be back(even if here and there)in a place where I feel like a nurse:-) I left because the politics really got to me and I started whining alot. I did not like the kind of nurse I was becoming around my fellow nurses. I mean, I always give the best care to my patients and the aides would never really know that I was having a tough time there but my fellow nurses and I would rant so much, even when I got home I was cranky! Anyway, I always read the posts about people hating nursing and wanting to get to out, I think most of us have been,,,maybe instead of leaving altogether, find another type of nursing, especially if you love helping people living their life to their fullest health potential(if that sounds right)and solving problems. A step away sometimes does wonders for the nurses wounded soul;-)
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