Wanted: a mentor for a new nurse with big dreams

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm a December graduate RN, working in pediatric homecare (LOVE it), heading back to school in the fall for my BSN and then I'm hoping to become a NP after that... (Yes, I know I've got to get myself into a hospital at some point.) Someday I'd love to teach nursing and I'd also love to do medical mission work, maybe even do some teaching overseas... I'm interested in pediatrics (of course!) labor and delivery, NICU (would love to be an NNP...)...

    Anyway. I know I'm walking out the things that God created me to do, but there's a lot to learn and I want to get connected with people who can help me grow. I'm the first nurse in my family that I know of. I would LOVE a mentor who could be part of my journey - someone who has done some of the things I dream of doing! If there is someone out there who would email back and forth with me... or if you live around the twin cities, MN I could buy you coffee a couple times a month... I would be so delighted! Thanks so much!! Just PM me if you think this could work!
    - Caregiver0204
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