waiting for nclex results

  1. Hi... new to this site. I tested on 1/10 and no results... F/U c board and Pearson Vue... Pearson states acknowledged results--board of VA cant seem to find results... AGHHHHH My test cut off at 75 and I scored 1050+ on the HESI--so common sense would say--relax, but I cant. Back in the old days when I sat for the LVN I had to use a scantron and wait 6 weeks. I do not remember this much anxiety.....
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  3. by   Jayla
    Are you checking the board of nursing site? THat's where I initially found out I passed. They can't find your results? What does that mean???

    Anyway, I'm sure you passed. In my experience, and from others I've talked to, getting cut off at 75 means you passed with flying colors or totally bombed it. Judging by your past score, you're fine....

    But, yes, I can completely empathize with your obsession. I think this is the usual response! Let us know!!
  4. by   HappyNurse2005

    the virginia board of nursing license lookup. see if you are on there!

  5. by   molo70
    RNinmay---I have been..... they can,t seem to locate my results. The board told me not to worry "it can take up to 2 weeks" easy for them to say. Thanks anyway