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  1. i need help regarding verbal agreement. I applied two jobs in two different States , one is in maryland (travelling job) and one is in
    az (permanent job) . Az employer is willing to relocate me and fly me to see Az which is going to be this saturday and Maryland job is a 13 week assignment and they want my verbal acceptance to confirm that i want the job (verbal agreement ) the recruiter wants my answer ASAP so she could start the paperwork and everything, BuT the case is want to see az area first so i could compare the two state.. Im so confused, and desperate to hear the opinion of others regarding this matter...PLEASE HELP! THANKS!
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  3. by   kmchugh
    So, go to Arizona first. Given the nursing shortage, you won't have a tough time finding a job in any event. And the travel agency has (I'm sure) plenty of openings. I really think they want the verbal agreement so you will feel obligated. I even bet if you asked, you would find out you were the only one looking at the Maryland job. Don't sweat it.

    It would not be unreasonable of you to tell the travel agency that you thought you would probably take the Maryland job, but that you had one more opportunity you wanted to check out this weekend. If they are reasonable, they will understand. You're not asking for an indefinite amount of time to think over your options. If they push, and "need your answer right now!", then how reasonable are they? And do you really want to work for such a company?

    Kevin McHugh