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A question came up yesterday. At my facilty you get the trough right before the vanco dose, then start up the vanco dose. The peak was due to be drawn 1/2 hour after the dose was in. The doc had... Read More

  1. by   GardenDove
    Quote from Agnus
    We do peak and trough on the 3rd dose. Trough is done 1/2 hour before the dose and peak 2 hours after it is done infusing. We don't hold the dose for the results.

    Additionally, we are directed to give the Vanco on time as scheduled. I have yet had to hold a Vanco because the trough was too high. If lab were to call with a critical high trough I would stop it and CAll pharmacy.

    Vanco is one of those drugs where pharmacy insist there be no deviation from giving it at the scheduled time. They insist if we are not able to give it well withing 30 minutes (at most)of the time it is scheduled we must call them.

    The policy for this should be written by pharmacy.
    Yes, this was precisely what the head of pharmacy told me.