Vaccination Question

  1. Can anyone tell me how SOON after being vaccinated with MMR can a person's titer be checked? Is there a standard protocol that is generally followed, or does it differ by the particular "brand" of vaccination that is given?

    How about if a person were vaccinated with JUST mumps vax..or JUST measles vax?

    I've checked all over CDC and, while it is discussed, I haven't been able to get the real answer that I need. (which is basically MINIMAL time requirement.)

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  3. by   valk
    For measles 1 month. Not sure about mumps.
    Does your school require a post vac titer for mmr? If so that's news to me. Last I heard the only post vac titer required by nsg schools is 2 months after hepB series.
  4. by   christinemj
    Yes, I have to do a post-vax titer. One of the facilities at which we do our clinicals requires titers showing immunity for measles, mumps and rubella (regardless of vacc. history.) So, it's not the "school's rule"'s the facility.

    So...I'm "back at the drawing board." I got the booster today, and the protocal is to wait a MINIMUM of 6 weeks. 8 weeks was "recommended"..but I was told that a test could be done at 6 weeks. If it still comes back equivocal at 6 weeks we can wait another 2 weeks and see what the results are then.

  5. by   BeachNurse
    I believe it is a month for MMR...I have worked with a couple of vaccine studies and the titres are almost always drawn around 30 days following the last injection.