UTI & elderly QUESTION

  1. Why UTI's often cause change in mental status in elderly?

    I would like to know the rational or pathopys behind this.
    I know this is a frequent sign, but I can't find the anwser.
    Anyone know why?

    I have ask my collegues, peer, and search the net. If any one can answer this and possibly give a web site with the answer on it, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks
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  3. by   laughingfairy
    you know thats a really good question. I don't know why for sure and I don't think any one has actually told me why. I do know that they can cause delerium, alter blood sugar, cause nausa, pain discomfort, frequency and urgency (hence disregard for safety) but as to the actual physiological reasons I would be interested in knowing as well.