Use of scented products - page 2

Scented products are problematic for an increasing number of people. Fragrance is a common trigger for asthma, allergies, and respiratory disorders. Given the nature of health care, it is highly... Read More

  1. by   mdslabod
    What makes me sick are nurses, secretaries and respiratory
    therepists who smoke cigarettes and then procede to talk to me or to take care of patients.
    I am sorry but it is worse than any perfume someone could wear to work.
  2. by   doularoz
    I agree 100% with mdslabod about the cigarette thing. I don't think smokers realize how much they smell like smoke. It's as bad as someone smoking right beside you. The smell gives me a headach and an upset stomach. I think they should put exhaust fans in all of the smoking areas to cut down on the amount of smoke that lingers on clothing.
  3. by   MickeymomRN
    I have worked with other nurses who claim that perfumes and strong lotions set off asthmatic attacks. And guess why they go on breaks often? You guessed it! They smoke,too! Go figure that one out. And they call themselves nurses. One even yelled at me to wash off the lotion that the hospital provides because of the smell. I have problems with my hands breaking out with rashes when they get too dried out. I'm supposed to suffer and place myself at risk because of skin breaks and she gets to dictate who wears what and still go out to inhale on a cancer stick?