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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this nusing world and dont know a thing about it. The thing is i am completely in a deadlock now. I wanted to do MBBS/MD and after searching a lot i was able to find a cheap place ( My financial status is very bad I have to do mostly everything on my own. My father can support me for the first year) and that was Romania. They were offering M.D 6 years course for a cheap price. The university is accredtied by FAIMER and WHO and they offer english courses. I know you must be wondering where the hell nursing comes in. I am getting to the point.

    The thing is the day I got my approval from Romania, my brother in USA called me and said that he would send my I20 of Vocational Nursing to me so that I can come and study there. About Romania, my father said that he can support me until he has his job. As soon as he retires he cant afford me. And in Romania I cant do any self-finance (except schoalrship which depend on ur merit of first year. And its luck. Think negative as well)
    So my brother said in US you would have a lot of options open for Finance. He says doing premed/med is very expensive here so he suggests me to do Vocational Nursing for 2 years, get into a government job, ( and he says they pay about 50,000$ a year? Is that true) apply for a green card (do they give it that easily) and then continue your studies into medical. This way i can self finance. But I just dont understand how from Nursing i can continue my education to M.D. A friend of mine told me i would have to choose specific line after Nursing. I wouldnt be able to get a M.D/M.B.B.S degree. And besides, everything comes down to MCAT in medicine. So i wouldnt be able to give that as i havent done premedicine. Right?

    Now my question to allnurses is please kindly direct me to the right direction. Should I go for Romania and do M.D and try my luck at schoalrships or come to USA and do Nursing. Also can anyone tell me the job-scopes/perspective/salaries/jobdemands in Nursing. And the time duration of the courses?

    Please help me out. I need to make my decision by tonight. USA or Romania?

    I am in dire need of help guys. I would really appreciate any any any advice.

    Has done 4 Alevels in Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Pure Maths and have scored all A's.
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  3. by   ICRN2008
    My understanding is that in order to get a student visa to the United States, you must prove that you are able to self-finance your education. Also, you must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen in order to receive any government student loans. So, unless you were able to take out private loans with a qualified co-signer, I do not see how it would be possible to finance medical school in the United States.

    Medical students are very strongly discouraged from working during any portion of medical school, so earning a nursing degree would probably not be helpful as a way of financing your education. In addition, a 2-year degree would not qualify you to apply to medical school here in the United States, as over 99% of applicants have a bachelor's degree. It is only in very unusual cases that students are accepted with less than a four-year degree.

    I hope that this information is helpful and good luck with your studies.
  4. by   Katnip
    If you come in as a student you will be restricted on the number of hours you will be allowed to work.

    Government jobs at $50K a year to start? I don't see that happening. Most government nursing jobs I see start around low $40K. But it can take a long time to get a job through the government because of the red tape.

    Medicine and nursing are very different things as well. Choose which you feel would best suit your personality and your ultimate life's goal.
  5. by   Smashingdude
    Thanks for ur advices. Well as for finance and bank statements, ive already mentioned that my father can support me for the first year. He can show a suitable bank balance. So wht you guys are advicing me is to try not USA. Hmm..So there is no chance of me working and selfinancing myself as i would be deeply in Medicine studies and would not be allowed to work. I agree. Besides it might affect my studies. I see the point. So is there a good scope in nursing? I have from the beginning set my mind to MBBS/MD. They are worth the 6years right? I hope ill be able to work in USA after my course.

    Thanks for the advices. Any more advices/tips/info on my issues would be HIGHLY HIGHLY Appreciated.

    Thanks once again.