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  1. Hi everybody. I LOVE this board. I have just finished my first year of RPN, so I'm a newbie, but you guys gave me such good advice last year...I'm back for more

    I was fretting so much about getting in to the RPN program, because...well...long story, but Ontario Canada has abolished Grade 13 this year, meaning that there are twice as many applicants for each spot. I tried the entrance exam anyway, thinking, hey..if I get in, great, if not..whatever. I bought myself a GED book, studied like heck (been out of school a few...minutes or so!).

    I got in. Only 25% of the applicants got in. I was over the moon - especially since I tested exempt for all the communication courses as well!

    I am working full-time (unrelated) while I go part-time, which will be completed in three (long!) years. The program is normally a two-year diploma, if attended full-time.

    I am doing really well - big shock to myself - all A's and I am loving it. Of course, this is building my confidence up so that I am thinking when I am done, I may go for my RN.

    Now my question. There is no bridge program at all for RPN to RN here in Ontario. You have to start everything all over again - and you must go full-time. Plus, competition to get in is fierce.

    My question, and I do have one, is this - my parents live on the US/Canadian border in Sault Canada. Many, many people - including my husband - lived in Canada and commuted across the river to attend University in Michigan. I have been, sort of, eyeing the RN program at Lake Superior State University. It is a BSN program (just trying to learn the differences between BSN/ADN etc. - in Ontario either you have a Degree from University, or a Diploma from a college - nothing in between).

    From a cursory look, it appears that (a) they arrange the courses to fit each individuals schedule, something the colleges here would never do, and (b) the entrance requirements are pretty much a pulse, the ability to speak English and a chequebook. And they aren't that concerned with the pulse part

    Seriously, what they want is a copy of your bank statement! No pre-admission testing as long as you can pass an English proficiency test or have been enrolled in an English-language school in the past two years (not a problem).

    Now, I know the program will not be EASIER, just more flexible, and I could work as an RPN while attending. Also, when my husband attended there many years ago, he was exempt from many courses he had already taken in Grade 13 here in Ontario as well as some college courses he had. Here, I would be exempt from NOTHING. I'd have to take Intro to Psych all over again. So, if I'm not wrong, I could basically be exempt from my first year in Michigan.

    Any thoughts, recommendations, have I got it all wrong?
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