UK nurse looking for info on working in USA

  1. Hi there, Im looking for information on working in the USA. Im a registered nurse in the UK, more specifically im a Registered Nurse for Learning Disabilities. I know that the whole system for the care of people with LDs in the USA is different to here in the UK and that my qualification wouldn't be recognised. Ive been considering retraining as a general RN here in the UK but Im interested in looking at other options also. So, what use do you think my present qualification is in the USA, do you think I would have the option to come over there to train as an RN. Also would it be worth me training as an RN here first before considering moving to the USA.
    Just for info, here in the UK my qualification is educationally equivilent to our RNs except that half way through our nurse training we specialise in Leaarning difficulties for a further year and half. In the end the lenght of each course is the same, 3 years.
    Hope someone out there can help me.
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