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The history behind this post is as follows. I posted this on another site a while ago at the request of one of the admins of that site. Her daughter attempted to commit suicide multiple times (she... Read More

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    I hate to play the role of Captain Obvious but it's not Tylenol that's unsafe in this story, it's suicide that's unsafe. She didn't mistakenly take half a bottle of Tylenol because she thought it was safe and would be an effective way to treat her whopper of a headache. She took half a bottle of Tylenol to end her life. If you take half a bottle of any medication it's likely going to give you a pretty good head start on meeting that goal.

    Sorry, but these kinds of arguments drive me nuts in nursing. Are we supposed to now say that Tylenol is unsafe and should be banned? Are we to say that the patient who took the pills had no idea that they would make her sick or even end her life because they were OTC drugs and are perfectly safe? Are we to say that an education campaign on the harmful effects of OD'ing on Tylenol would have prevented this from happening? This is a story about a suicide attempt, not a story about how unsafe Tylenol is. Putting the focus on anything different does not make progress in solving the problem or getting the appropriate help for people. Change the title of the thread to "Suicide...how can we reach people to get them the help they need" and then I'll be on board.

    My original post wasn't really for people who were trying to kill themselves. It was more aimed at people who thought they could get attention for themselves by OD"ing on a "SAFE" drug. I wanted them to know that if they lived, they would have crippled their body. If they get the message about Tylenol, with luck, it might cross over to other med's as well.
    People who are really trying to kill themselves don't need my post to know how to do it. OD'ing on anything can kill.