trying to chose specialty, what if I want to change?

  1. i am a new (<then 1 year) lpn working on lpn to rn. in the midst of this i am trying to find my focus/ specialty. there are about 3-4 that really really sound interesting and having difficulty of choosing which direction.

    so what does it look like or the views of the community of moving in and out of areas over the course of a person's career? does it have the stigma it used to have-stick in one career/field or is more a type of thing people realize that interest can change?
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  3. by   Orca
    The only specialty I have worked in with a stigma is mental health. There is a perception (and unfortunately some mental health nurses reinforce it with their actions) that mental health nurses are incapable of performing medical procedures or working on anything but a psych unit. I worked the first five years of my career in mental health. That went well - until I worked for an employer who closed my facility and I had to look for work. No hospital would touch me - and this was at a time when hospitals were running full-page ads in the Sunday paper trying to get anyone they could.
  4. by   #1rnstudent
    Do what makes you happy. If you find you have changed and want to pursue another area after some time, then change. Be happy. Have fun. Lord knows it is hard some days. Good luck!
  5. by   erwigg
    I haven't been intersted in pysh so maybe a good thing then? I do plan on do what I love other wise it equals burn out. and everyone hates a burn out nurse