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I'm a Staff Nurse. My unit has a few travellers/agency nurses. They are all good nurses and work hard. One is new. She's already *****ing about the hosp., etc. *****es about nursing, wants to... Read More

  1. by   Cherry Soda

    "When I did traveling nursing, every assignment but one was nice...treated well by both staff and management. "

    It seems like you had good experiences travelling. Maybe I should try it.

  2. by   Cherry Soda
    3rd shift guy:

    "Bottom line, there are good travelers and bad travelers. Treat them well, welcome them, don't cop a resentment about the money they make, and they usually work out just fine."

    Yeah I guess that sums it all up. I'm not really resentful of them, just upset at my manager.

  3. by   Cherry Soda

    "This is part of the dysfunction within our hospital systems and is management's way of intimidating us and keeping us down. They promote night shift against day shift, agency against staff, fulltime against prn, etc. "

    Yes, I think you are right. These nurses are very good, don't get me wrong but it was just a weird thing to watch.

  4. by   Cherry Soda

    Manipulation! Yes, that's the word. Perfect. That's what I was thinking of.

    It just left a strange feeling in my stomach.

  5. by   Cherry Soda

    I don't think it's right to treat travellers/agency as slave labor. That's not fair to them. They do have to make an amazing transition, and quickly.

    Staff deserves the praise too, and doesn't get it. That's my beef.

  6. by   Cherry Soda

    You have some good ideas. Believe me, I am upset enough to say something to my manager. I guess the right time will come up when I can mention it without it sounding like sour grapes/and/or jealousy.

  7. by   Cherry Soda
    Ouch Peeps

    Sounds like you had a horrible experience. Glad you found prn nursing more to your satisfaction.

  8. by   Gardengal
    It sounds to me like your manager is trying to court the travelers into coming on as a full time regular employee. Perhaps the manager does not know that such behavior will blow up in her face. The best bet is to treat everyone well and compliment all for a job well done. Why would a traveler want to work at a place as a regular employee when the regular staff is treated in this manner?
  9. by   Cherry Soda
    I think it truly will blow up in her face. I don't think the two travellers will be renewing their contracts and will be leaving soon.

    Meanwhile, the staff is falling apart and I think a couple of nurses (perhaps even I) will be leaving withing a few months also.