To icu from med-surg

  1. To all seasoned ICU nurses,

    I have 2 yrs med-surg experience and am shifting to ICU in 4 weeks. Pay is good, orientation is for 13 weeks and manager seems happy with me. its a 6 bed ICU, not trauma kind but am very nervous. I have shortcomings, am slow in IV insertions, have not done many heparin drips, some narcotic drips, had trach and NG patients sometimes but am worried will I be able to do everything on time
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  3. by   DookieMeisterRN
    You'll be fine with 13 weeks of orientation. And it's not like you have 4 pts, you should only have one pt. We have these types of pts on our regular floors and it doesn't take long for new grads to pick up so you'll do better than you think.