1. I thought I found my dream job but lately I'm getting very frustrated & basically burned out. I work in a inner city hospital @ PACU. Our double time has been cut to time in a half...& we still have quite a busy load. We have alot of traumas compared to other area hospitals due to location. We are experiencing staff RN's leaving for better wages & those RN's left are getting hit w/ on-calls & back-up's very frequently. There are only 5 of us that are experienced & 1 RN in training. It used to be 6 months before they start calls by themselves. Presently, w/in 3-4 months, they'll start their own calls by themselves. Not alot of RN's knocking at our door lately. 2 RN's in our dept. are plain lazy, esp. the one that only works 40hrs/per pay period. She takes 2 hrs for lunch & complains all day long about her call days, her schedules, her marriage, etc. She also has the most seniority. We all wish she'd quit--the days she's not working are so peaceful...hectic, but peaceful.
    Late hours waiting for surgeries to finish & oncalls are starting to wear me down. I'm seriously looking into resource nrsg or even traveling nrsg ---I need some control in my life again. I'm married but my husband doesn't understand my career. We have 2 girls still @ home-13 & 16 yrs old, & since my husb is self-employed, I carry the insurance for my family. Been a med-surg; PCU, & renal RN....I guess, I'm just trying to vent out.

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  3. by   KSEFLINK
    It sounds as if you have had a rough go of things lately. All of us have had those days, weeks and months too. I know it does not help make it any better for you, but know that we will be praying for and thinking of you. Don't forget to put your family first. Make sure you have balance with family being priority. I know it is hard to be the "insurance", I carry that burden also. Somedays I wish someone else would take it on so I could work just a couple of days per week. Make your workplace as enjoyable as possible given the circumstances and know that it isn't much better anyplace else. I will be putting you in my prayerlists!!