Times they are a changing.....CNN series elusive

  1. The CNN website has changed the times for the 3 part series a coulple of times.I had planned to watch it last night only to discover that the "talking head" that said it would air at 10pm eastern that night was talking about somthing that had already happend! I discovered this after logging on to the web site that said 8am,2pm,10pm respectively.NOW I FIND OUT THAT I'VE MISSED IT ONCE AGAIN! I've just logged onto the website and discoved yet a second different time with no referrence to the third part.
    How can people that want to see what all the fuss is about tune in?
    How exciting is media coverage though.
    The talking head just said 10pm tonight again.
    Somebody forgot to put batteries in him....pity.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Hypoxic. I missed part 1, because I was unclear on the times for each part. When I thought I was watching part 1, I was actually watching part 2, and I did not discover this until I was watching part 3. The information I got on the times for part 1 was that it was to air twice on May 7, and again at 8am on May 8. This is not what happened. Or, at least I didn't see it this way.