Thoughts on assisted living residence in North Jersey

  1. I recently started working for Alterra Healthcare. You may have heard of them-they are the nation's largest provider of assisted living residences and are the leader in elder care. The environment that they promote here is amazing! Everything is focused on this being the resident's home, not a facility. They have an indoor replica of Main St. with a Barber shop, spa, game house, cafe, etc. with a "cobble stone" walkway and street lights! They even have fabric awnings over the windows! The residents LOVE it! I am so glad that I came to Alterra. If anyone is looking, I know that they have over 400 residences across the US! If anyone is from North Jersey/NYC, we actually have a few LPN openings at my residence. You have gotta check this place out! I couldn't be happier here!
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  3. by   123lisa
    It sounds like a beautiful place. Are there any in southern NH?