Things are looking up!

  1. Long story short...I just left a LTC facility last month and they called yesterday to left me know that the hosp. had called for the surg/onc. floor reference where I just had my interview Mon. And to also invite me back to the employment from hell for $4.00 more per hour. Which is very good for around here. I had to call some old employee friends yesterday to have them remind me why I quit when I was getting blind sighted thinking about the money. They gave the nurses nice raises, but didn't give the CNAs crap. Boy that was a long 14 months there.

    Today I have a message on my machine from the hospitals snf/acute care manager for a full time day position. 4 10 hour days, every third weekend and holiday. I would be on the floor part of the shift (prob. 7-3) then do the MDS imput into the computer. Hours would be 7-5:30. Now I interviewed with this gal in May and NEVER heard a thing back. At the time they really needed 12 hour noc nurses which I can't do with the family except on weekends. I have only done basic care planning in LTC. Stuff you write up real quick if a new situation develops and no one is around write one up. So I don't have much experience...I can learn!! This also reestablishes my faith in my interviewing techniques working--this was the only job I had interviewed for in my life where I wasn't offered a position. This is also the position my old ADON turned down...cause she would actually have to work and not talk on the phone with her various male friends.

    This Monday I interviewed for surg/onc. and it would be 12 hour nocs every other weekend. I loved this nurse manager right away. But probably won't hear for sure until next week.

    Now this really isn't a delimma....I know what would work best for my family and myself. But unless you're a nurse I don't think anyone understands how difficult it is to get excited anymore about making a job change. Will it really be better or just involve the same of crap.....?? That will wait to be seen.

    My present employeer, which I have been employed for like 32 days requires a 30 day notice....but, for LTC I do enjoy it. I like it because I'm only there every other weekend. But I can't afford to do that forever and they have already totally screwed up my pay rate, shorted me a day and hours too bad.

    Thanks for reading.......Lisa
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